Photo Warp

Photo Warp 1.6.24

Give your friends a crazy facelift


  • Great fun
  • Easy to pick up and use
  • Quick sharing of finished photos


  • Lacks a zoom function for added precision

Very good

Photo Warp is a fun Android app that lets you play around with photos of your friends and family to give them a weird new look.

The idea behind Photo Warp is that you load in a photo, or take one on your camera via the app, then use the editing functions to morph it into something different.

The default tool in Photo Warp allows you to push and pull parts of the face using the touchscreen. There are several other tools within the brush menu that give you different effects. These include swirls, pinching and stretching. There's also an Undo brush for fixing mistakes. Each brush has three different width settings.

Photo Warp is great fun to play around with, and it's possible to get some hilarious results. Once you're done editing you can save your wacky faces to the SD card or share them via Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and more. Good results from Photo Warp make great images for Facebook profiles.

It's worth remembering that Photo Warp is not a fully fledged image editor. It's possible you could use it to make yourself look a bit thinner, make your eyes bigger, reduce the size of your ears, etc. It could be improved with the inclusion of a zoom feature for more detailed editing.

Messing around with Photo Warp is a great way to brighten up your day and you can really make fools out of your friends!

Security question before leaving the app Smaller bug fixes


  • Security question before leaving the app Smaller bug fixes
Photo Warp


Photo Warp 1.6.24

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